I am Shannon Kaye…Iā€™m a wedding + lifestyle photographer serving Hampton Roads, Virginia + the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I have had a camera in my hands since I was a little girl + always knew it would be a passion of mine (when I could afford it…LOL). One of which I put on hold for a while to pursue a career in the car industry, but now I’m back at it and couldn’t be happier at this time in my life! When I’m not behind the camera taking pictures, you can find me drinking my daily Starbucks, decorating or creating something for my home. Many say I should be an interior designer, but like everything in life…whats meant to be will be šŸ™‚

My style is simple + relaxed.  I like to make my clients laugh with my goofy sense of humor, but I also want them to be comfortable in my presence + the environment that we are in. I believe in natural light, sunsets, all the fine details + capturing the true essence of life + its surroundings.

My ultimate goal is to create timeless photographs for you + your loved ones to cherish forever. I want you to look back on the day these images were taken +remember the moment in time that you felt that very specific way that I captured in your photograph.

I love coffee. I take pride in everything I do. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m a little OCD (okay…maybe a lot!). I am very driven + love a good challenge. I believe “good things come to those who hustle.” I love interior design. I am my biggest critic. I stand by my word + fight for what I believe in. Sometimes…I have no filter (so what you see is what you get šŸ™‚ . I love my family + miss my Memaw everyday! I have learned in life, WITHOUT STRUGGLE… THERE IS NO PROGRESS, so keep grinding + live your best life, after all… you only get one!

In June of 2016, I married this handsome hunk of man. He captured my heart with his endless love notes + unselfish desire to love me for me. For the first three years of our marriage, we were separated by the Marine Corps, but no distance kept this man from driving 12 hours every weekend to be home with me. With my hours in the car biz + our limited time together…we could only build a foundation strong enough that only we can understand. Don’t get me wrong, times were tough, but we pushed through + managed to finally grow our family +1.


Not knowing what our future had in store, my husband + I tried for almost 3 years to have a baby + to no avail, we were coming up short. In July, we went on a tubing trip in Charlottesville with some friends, had the conversation about him staying in the Marine Corps so he could pick up Sargeant Major + literally the following Wednesday, I got a call saying that we got orders to California. I told my husband to check his email. I posted a video of our dogs announcing our pregnancy…ON THE SAME DAY! Needless to say, my husband dropped his retirement papers + began this pregnancy journey with me. This handsome little man captured our hearts in March of 2019.


This beautiful little girl captured my heart the day I gave birth to her in December of 2001. It was my first marriage, my first child, my first time away from family in Virginia to move to Hawaii half way across the world…to find out that things don’t always work out as planned. My experience as a single mother was never an easy task, but I worked everyday to make sure my daughter was well taken care of + knew no matter the struggle, it was always going to be alright cause mama always had her back. I may not have always made the right decisions in her eyes, but I’m hoping one day she will understand why I’ve made the decisions I have in order to be where we are today.


Rico (on the left) + Riley (on the right) are my boxer babies that I have had from their beginning. Rico is my main man…he’s been through hell + back with me, but has always stuck by his mama. He is as hard headed as they come, but I love him. Riley is my lil mama. With most females, finding that dominance is key… so needless to say, we have bumped heads a few times…lol šŸ™‚ but she is our lil protector and we love her little pain in the wiggle butt tail.

The day we lost you…our lives changed forever!
I will forever hold your hand in my heart Memaw!